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AttributeActionSet com::thaiopensource::validate::nvdl::ValidatorImpl::processAttributeSection ( ModeUsage  modeUsage,
String  ns,
IntSet  indexSet,
Attributes  attributes 
) throws SAXException [inline, private]

Process an attributes section in a specific mode usage.

modeUsage The mode usage
ns The attribute section namespace
indexSet The indexes of the attributes in the given namespace
attributes All the attributes
The set of attribute actions

Definition at line 579 of file ValidatorImpl.java.

References com::thaiopensource::validate::nvdl::Hashset::add(), attributeNamespaceRejected, attributeSchemas, com::thaiopensource::validate::nvdl::Hashset::contains(), com::thaiopensource::validate::nvdl::ValidatorImpl::Section::context, currentSection, eh, filterAttributes(), filteredAttributes, com::thaiopensource::validate::nvdl::ModeUsage::getMode(), com::thaiopensource::validate::nvdl::AttributeActionSet::getReject(), com::thaiopensource::validate::nvdl::AttributeActionSet::getSchemas(), localizer, locator, and validateAttributes().

Referenced by processAttributes().

    // get the next mode from the mode usage depending on context
    Mode mode = modeUsage.getMode(currentSection.context);
    // get the attribute action set
    AttributeActionSet actions = mode.getAttributeActions(ns);
    // Check if we have a reject action and if we did not reported already 
    // the reject attribute error for this namespace
    if (actions.getReject() && !attributeNamespaceRejected) {
      // set the flag to avoid reporting this error again for the same namespace
      attributeNamespaceRejected = true;
      if (eh != null)
        eh.error(new SAXParseException(localizer.message("reject_attribute", ns),
    // get the eventual schemas and validate the attributes against them
    Schema[] schemas = actions.getSchemas();
    for (int j = 0; j < schemas.length; j++) {
      // if we already validated against this schema, skip it
      if (attributeSchemas.contains(schemas[j]))
      // add the schema so that we will not validate again the same attributes against it
      // if we do not computed the filtered attributes for this namespace, compute them
      if (filteredAttributes == null)
        filteredAttributes = filterAttributes(indexSet, attributes);
      // validate the filtered attributes with the schema
      validateAttributes(schemas[j], filteredAttributes);
    // return the actions in case they are needed further.
    return actions;

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