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void com::thaiopensource::validate::nvdl::SchemaImpl::Handler::parseMode ( Attributes  attributes  )  throws SAXException [inline, private]

Parse a mode element.

attributes The element attributes.

Definition at line 538 of file SchemaImpl.java.

References com::thaiopensource::validate::nvdl::SchemaImpl::Handler::ModeData::currentMode, error(), com::thaiopensource::validate::nvdl::SchemaImpl::getModeAttribute(), locator, and md.

Referenced by startElement().

      // Get the mode (create it if it does not exists) corresponding to the name attribute.
      md.currentMode = getModeAttribute(attributes, "name");
      // If already defined, report errors.
      if (md.currentMode.isDefined()) {
        error("duplicate_mode", md.currentMode.getName());
        error("first_mode", md.currentMode.getName(), md.currentMode.getWhereDefined());
      else {
        // Check if we have a base mode and set that as the base mode for this mode.
        Mode base = getModeAttribute(attributes, "extends");
        if (base != null)
        // record the location where this mode is defined.

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