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com::thaiopensource::validate::nvdl::SchemaImpl::Handler Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::thaiopensource::validate::nvdl::SchemaImpl::Handler:

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Detailed Description

This class is registered as content handler on the XMLReader that parses the NVDL script. It creates the Schema representation for this script and also validates the script against the NVDL schema.

Definition at line 156 of file SchemaImpl.java.

Public Member Functions

void characters (char ch[], int start, int length) throws SAXException
void endDocument () throws SAXException
void endElement (String namespaceURI, String localName, String qName) throws SAXException
void endPrefixMapping (String prefix) throws SAXException
ContentHandler getDelegate ()
Schema getSchema () throws IncorrectSchemaException, SAXException
void ignorableWhitespace (char ch[], int start, int length) throws SAXException
void processingInstruction (String target, String data) throws SAXException
void setDelegate (ContentHandler delegate)
void setDocumentLocator (Locator locator)
void skippedEntity (String name) throws SAXException
void startDocument () throws SAXException
void startElement (String uri, String localName, String qName, Attributes attributes) throws SAXException
void startPrefixMapping (String prefix, String uri) throws SAXException
RuntimeException unwrapException (RuntimeException e) throws SAXException, IOException, IncorrectSchemaException

Package Functions

void error (String key, String arg1, String arg2) throws SAXException
void error (String key, String arg, Locator locator) throws SAXException
void error (String key, String arg) throws SAXException
void error (String key) throws SAXException
 Handler (SchemaReceiverImpl sr)
void warning (String key, Locator locator) throws SAXException

Package Attributes

ModeData md = new ModeData()

Private Member Functions

Schema createSubSchema (boolean isAttributesSchema) throws IOException, IncorrectSchemaException, SAXException
void finishIncludedMode () throws SAXException
void finishMode () throws SAXException
void finishNestedMode () throws SAXException
void finishValidate () throws SAXException
ModeUsage getModeUsage (Attributes attributes)
String getNs (Attributes attributes) throws SAXException
String getSchema (Attributes attributes) throws SAXException
String getSchemaType (Attributes attributes)
Mode getUseMode (Attributes attributes)
void parseAllow (Attributes attributes)
void parseAnyNamespace (Attributes attributes) throws SAXException
void parseAttach (Attributes attributes)
void parseAttachPlaceholder (Attributes attributes)
void parseCancelNestedActions (Attributes attributes)
void parseContext (Attributes attributes) throws SAXException
void parseIncludedMode (Attributes attributes) throws SAXException
void parseMode (Attributes attributes) throws SAXException
void parseNamespace (Attributes attributes) throws SAXException
void parseNestedMode (Attributes attributes) throws SAXException
void parseOption (Attributes attributes) throws SAXException
void parseReject (Attributes attributes)
void parseRule (String ns, Attributes attributes) throws SAXException
void parseRules (Attributes attributes)
void parseTrigger (Attributes attributes) throws SAXException
void parseUnwrap (Attributes attributes)
void parseValidate (Attributes attributes) throws SAXException
ElementsOrAttributes toElementsOrAttributes (String value, ElementsOrAttributes defaultValue)

Private Attributes

final CountingErrorHandler ceh
String defaultSchemaType
final ErrorHandler eh
int foreignDepth = 0
boolean hadError = false
final Localizer localizer = new Localizer(SchemaImpl.class)
Locator locator
Stack modeDataStack = new Stack()
Stack nvdlStack = new Stack()
final SAXResolver resolver
final SchemaReceiverImpl sr
Validator validator
final XmlBaseHandler xmlBaseHandler = new XmlBaseHandler()


class  ModeData

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